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For Commuters to Columbia who will spend their non-working hours enjoying the Plantation Pointe lifestyle, we are conveniently located just 7.7 miles from Chapin, South Carolina. The roads from Columbia to Plantation Pointe offer an easy commute for the folks who work in the Capital City.

From Columbia on Interstate 26 you will travel approximately 21 miles. After a two mile trip through the shopping district of Chapin, you'll have an easy 7 mile drive on an uncrowded paved collector road system leading directly to Plantation Pointe.

Plantation Pointe enjoys a significant competitive advantage on Lake Murray. Many of the access roads from Chapin to other areas of the Lake are very slow due to direct traffic congestion, sharp turns, and numerous intersections -- while the uncongested roadways to Plantation Pointe save significant minutes each way.

Harrbison which offers shopping malls, shopping centers and restaurants is only a 20 minute drive from Plantation Pointe.

Remember, in real estate it is location, location and location. These are the three keys to long-term property values, and the Plantation Pointe property scores at the top of the scale in this areas.