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It's a Better Life...

Perhaps the best way to describe the Plantation Pointe lifestyle is to recall the grand Southern estates of old....

A plantation by definition was a self-contained community; almost an island-like existence.

Island-type living is an apt description of Plantation Pointe's unique peninsula. Think of the privacy of residing up to a mile out from the mainland, surrounded by almost 320 degrees of deep water; the serenity of both sunrise and sunset views over the lake -- these are properties of grand value offering a lifestyle unmatched in central South Carolina.

Whether you enjoy and active lifestyle or relaxation, Plantation Pointe provides you with the lifestyle you want. Enjoy breakfast while watching the sun rise over beautiful Lake Murray. Continue your day with a boating trip, a shopping spree, a round of golf, or simply relaxing on your front porch. Lake Murray offers amenities for any lifestyle.

We at Plantation Pointe want to provide the highest quality of lifestyle possible. To learn more about our efforts, browse the resident requirements listed below.